Get A Boost

Your energy might be low because of a vitamin deficiency. Specifically, Vitamin B-12, also known as the energy vitamin. B 12 is an essential game-player for the normal functioning of your brain and nervous system. It is key to powering your energy and metabolism.

You might have a B 12 deficiency if you’ve noticed,¬†fatigue, breathlessness, numbness, poor balance, and memory trouble. Please note B 12 deficiency can only be medically diagnosed.

You can try to giving yourself a little boost of this vital energy vitamin via healthy Vitamin B-12 rich foods. For a faster more direct infusion of B 12 vitamin you can receive injections.

A B 12 shot carries a high dose of therapeutic B 12.

As part of our Medical Weight Loss Program our Medical Weight Loss Clinic Sorrento Valley offers an initial lab work-up and weekly B 12 injections.



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