Obesity: Where Do You Weigh-In?

Worldwide obesity is still a thing?

Absolutely. In 2015 the United States of America, is still ranking at #2 in the world as one of the most obese countries in the world. You might say to yourself, well whole, organic and gluten-free foods are very trendy now, this can’t be right? That may be true, but higher quality foods do not equate to lower quantity fat. We’re still consuming larger amounts and exercising the least than most of the world.

We can mostly chalk that up to access to convenience, in many forms. Fast food and easy consumption of entertainment and goods. We’re also very poorly educated when it comes to what qualifies us as obese, more importantly how and when we should be weary of the consequences of being obese. It’s a scary and very shame-fueled word these days but it doesn’t have to be that way. The more we accept that it is a qualifying term for inevitable health issues the sooner we can act on preventative and weight control measures. Continue reading

Can Vitamin D Supplements Really Make A Difference

Life after weight loss

Vitamin D supplements are a small yet meaningful part of improving your health and finding relief.

Vitamin D is such an influential component in our genetic development that improving your levels with supplements in addition to safe exposure to sunlight can really help turn a corner for your health issues. While you won’t see changes instantly, if you are dealing with chronic joint or bone pain you can expect to feel a difference with consistent action in just a few weeks.  Continue reading

How To Know If You’re Vitamin D Deficient

Could you be struggling from Vitamin D deficiency and not even know it?

Often times it’s easy for people and even physicians to identify if we’re having issues with enough Calcium or Iron but often a Vitamin D low is not as apparent. We commonly know of the existence of Vitamin D as it’s popular association with getting some sunshine. But why this is even relevant or much less vital to our health is virtually unknown.

What you need to know about Vitamin D

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