A Whole Picture Approach To Weight Loss – Intro. To Functional Medicine

An Introduction to Functional Medicine & Weight Loss

At our Weight Loss Medical Center in Sorrento Valley my approach to how we help patients lose weight, gain strength and manage pain is Functional.

Functional Medicine is…

“Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership.”

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Together We Can Lose More

Stay Connected & Lose Weight With Medical Weight Loss

The summer is full of pop-up experiences, vacations and temptations to overindulge every weekend. There’s no more important time of year to stay connected to a supportive, expert community to hold yourself accountable and on-target with your weight loss goals.

Although, you might think it’s too late to meet your summer “beach body” goals it might just be the perfect time to get the expert support you need to stay your weight loss course. Rather than googling a million new ways to diet, survive vacation foods or work out when the sun’s out – check-in with an expert health and weight loss professional.

Learn You

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Is it too late for a “Beach Body?”

5 Ways To Look And Feel Better This Summer

1. Stay Fresh

Hydration is numero uno #1! You can opt for drinking more water, staying hydrated by eating and drinking things with high volume of electrolytes and water. Like watermelon, coconut water and aloe vera infused beverages. Steer clear of over-doing it with sports drinks that claim to support your hydration. You may end up drowning in high amounts of sugar or sodium that can actually slow you down.

2. Stay Natural

Summer is definitely a great time to soak up some Vitamin D. However it’s still very important to be safe and avoid those harmful ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen is essential. However SPF isn’t the only the thing to check for. Try a sunscreen lotion with natural essential oils and ingredients. To help maintain your skins moisture. Like shea butter oil, almond or carrot seed oil which have natural SPF protection. Continue reading

Trust Your Gut

Trust your gut it’s on to something.

Our guts seem to be where fat and discomfort take refuge.

It seems no matter what changes we make to our diet or exercise the fat and paunchy status of our gut is the most resilient. It just won’t go. 

Multiple studies have shown that regardless of weight most people do not have the optimal balance of good and bad bacteria in their intestines. This imbalance can thwart your weight loss efforts completely.

How to put your gut in check?

Probiotics can be a start. Probiotics, often found in yogurt or probiotic supplements have a high and healthy dose of good bacteria. More important they can actively participate in stabilizing the bacteria in your intestines and positively activate your digestive system.

“In the latest study, obese people were able to reduce their abdominal fat by nearly 5 percent, and their subcutaneous fat by over 3 percent, just be drinking a probiotic-rich fermented milk beverage for 12 weeks.” – NutraIngredients


You might want to try these:

  • Lassi (an Indian yoghurt drink, traditionally enjoyed before dinner)
  • Fermented milk, such as kefir
  • Various pickled fermentations of cabbage, turnips, eggplant, cucumbers, onions, squash and carrots
  • Natto (fermented soy)

Take it easy on these:

  • Antibiotics
  • Chlorinated water
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Pollution


Would love to hear which Probiotic rich foods or supplements you’ve tried. Did they make a difference? Let us know in the comments below.

Are Your Habits Healthy or Hurtful?

How do we know which habits are worth investing our time, energy or money in?

Will fasting and detoxing help you lose weight – in the long-run? The best, and in our opinion the only way you should decide which habits to adopt and conserve is to check-in with your doctor or a a true-life medical weight loss expert. Stick to habits that keep your whole self healthy, energized and poised for long-lasting health.

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Get up, Stand up & Move Your Body

The trouble with sitting too much

Research shows that even if you’re including a little exercise into your daily life sitting for prolonged hours, 8+, is still actively hurting your body. Sitting for countless hours a day hinders your blood from keeping a necessary steady flow through your body. Your muscles, joints and spine are stressed and slowly taking a painful new “normal” form. Continue reading

Foods For Weight Loss

Wouldn’t it be great if we could eat more and get thinner?

Well, here’s your cheat-sheet for foods to start stocking up on.

Most of us are aware of the foods that are definitely bad for us. High calories, fructose and carbohydrates. The rule to remember is not “let’s cut these all out” rather we should be focusing on “let’s make sure to eat the high quality version of these.”

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Obesity: Where Do You Weigh-In?

Worldwide obesity is still a thing?

Absolutely. In 2015 the United States of America, is still ranking at #2 in the world as one of the most obese countries in the world. You might say to yourself, well whole, organic and gluten-free foods are very trendy now, this can’t be right? That may be true, but higher quality foods do not equate to lower quantity fat. We’re still consuming larger amounts and exercising the least than most of the world.

We can mostly chalk that up to access to convenience, in many forms. Fast food and easy consumption of entertainment and goods. We’re also very poorly educated when it comes to what qualifies us as obese, more importantly how and when we should be weary of the consequences of being obese. It’s a scary and very shame-fueled word these days but it doesn’t have to be that way. The more we accept that it is a qualifying term for inevitable health issues the sooner we can act on preventative and weight control measures. Continue reading

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

what is medical weight loss

What is Medical Weight Loss & Do I Need It?

You might not know what Medical Weight Loss is and why you should probably choose it over any other weight loss plan. Medical weight loss is a physician and expert guided support system for losing weight and addressing weight-related medical problems. It’s a whole-health approach to helping you shed pounds and live and feel better. Continue reading