The trouble with sitting too much

Research shows that even if you’re including a little exercise into your daily life sitting for prolonged hours, 8+, is still actively hurting your body. Sitting for countless hours a day hinders your blood from keeping a necessary steady flow through your body. Your muscles, joints and spine are stressed and slowly taking a painful new “normal” form.

This video by, ASAP Science wraps up these points pretty clearly. 

Weight Gain And Prolonged Sitting

One of the most powerful reasons researchers and health professionals say, sitting is the new smoking, is that no matter how active you are sitting more will continually hurt your health. Moving our bodies in even slight ways throughout the day helps our heart pump blood, excess calories burn and even affects the rate of insulin our blood produces.

  • Sitting decreases the activity of an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase (LPL), which helps burn fat. (3)
  • Prolonged sitting slows the rate at which we naturally burn calories.
  • Over time, in as little as 2+ weeks, prolonged sitting can contribute to hear failure, mood swings and likelihood of getting diabetes.


Move your body - all the time.

  • If you have a job where sitting for long hours is a cornerstone you might consider trying these exercises.
  • Stopping for a mini dance or stretching break between tasks. Check it off – Shake it off.
  • Taking a break and going up and down the stairway a couple times.
  • Sitting on an exercise ball. Bounce a bit and get your blood flowing.
  • Take calls or in-person meetings standing up. A la’ cocktail hour. (Take your call or guest for a brisk walk and talk around the block.)
  • Avoid having lunch at your desk or conference.
  • You also might want to try a standing desk.

Are you sitting too much?

What do you do keep your body movin’? Tell us in the comments below.


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