Don’t try to “Beat The Heat” this summer.

Be one with the heat of the summer and dive into new ways of basking, working out and keeping your body active during the summer. On the hottest of days, which are commonly – right around the corner in San Diego it’s a great time to take up Water Aerobics, lap swimming and cooling down with some early morning yoga.

Here are 5 ways to stay active, cool and pumped-up this summer!

  1. Water Aerobics or Lap Swimming. Also, fun water sports like water-polo. A great way to do some cardio and stay cool.
  2. Early morning Yoga. Stretch with the rising sun, have a light meal and start your day with a brisk and perfectly cool walk.
  3. Run with setting sun. Running in the afternoon on a hot summer day doesn’t sound the most appealing. If you can, take up a light jog or run with some friends and watch the sun set. The temperature is still warm but much breezier. It helps to have a goal – like running to your local smoothie joint.
  4. Ride a bike. Try riding your bike to do small errands vs. opting for car rides to short mile distances. Remember to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Also, there’s no shame in stopping for a break.
  5. Visit a national park or theme park. Go to that local outdoor Jazz festival this year! A great way to sneak in hikes, dancing and walking. All great ways to keep your body active and your adrenaline pumping.

Steer clear of “Summer Bummer” Mode

Parents and kids often refer to this as the Summer Slide, where the gap in constant schooling causes them to regress academically. In order to keep our brains sharp and fend-off our chances of having emotional slumps related to our self confidence, weight or chronic fatigue it’s import for adults to find ways to keep our minds, bodies and spirits alive too!

What helps you stay active and motivated? Let us know in the comments below.


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