5 Ways To Look And Feel Better This Summer

1. Stay Fresh

Hydration is numero uno #1! You can opt for drinking more water, staying hydrated by eating and drinking things with high volume of electrolytes and water. Like watermelon, coconut water and aloe vera infused beverages. Steer clear of over-doing it with sports drinks that claim to support your hydration. You may end up drowning in high amounts of sugar or sodium that can actually slow you down.

2. Stay Natural

Summer is definitely a great time to soak up some Vitamin D. However it’s still very important to be safe and avoid those harmful ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen is essential. However SPF isn’t the only the thing to check for. Try a sunscreen lotion with natural essential oils and ingredients. To help maintain your skins moisture. Like shea butter oil, almond or carrot seed oil which have natural SPF protection.

3. Be Ready

The sun is a powerful source for rebooting but extended exposure to heat can really weigh you down. Keep energy boosting snacks on hand; almonds, berries, hummus w/carrots or sweet potato crisps bananas and oranges are especially great for long walks. – Being ready with small yet filling snacks can also help you stave off energy draining carbs that are all too tempting in the summer. Opt for a natural fruit sorbet or smoothie.

4. Stay On Track

You might think it’s too late to get anywhere near your “beach-body” goals this summer. However it’s a great time to stay active, try new “diets” and challenge your sticking power. There are always activities like marathons, fun-runs or pools to jump into. Make these part of your new summer routine. Try something new every week. Consult with a weight-loss professional to make sure you focus on activities that will specifically benefit your goals. You may not lose all you wanted to but you may very well start feeling more confident and active – on a regular basis.

5. Focus On Your Why

Why are you trying to get more fit or lose weight this summer? Feel healthier, keep up with your kids or feel more confident? Remember why you had this goal to begin with. Use that reason as a compass for feeling and looking better in your own skin this summer. It’s easy to feel discouraged and jump ship on a weight loss plan in the middle of summer but if you focus on your why small wins will help you build up to those bigger goals!

How do you stay happy, healthy and fit in the summer? Let us know in the comments below!


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