What is Medical Weight Loss & Do I Need It?

You might not know what Medical Weight Loss is and why you should probably choose it over any other weight loss plan. Medical weight loss is a physician and expert guided support system for losing weight and addressing weight-related medical problems. It’s a whole-health approach to helping you shed pounds and live and feel better.

What if I suffer from pain?

A physician led weight loss program can be especially beneficial for those who have pain from previous conditions or accidents. Pain and residual medical conditions can be real roadblocks to maintaing a healthy weight and even more challenging to those who are obese and attempting to lose weight.

What’s included in a Medical Weight Loss Program?

Medical Weight Loss programs typically include lab work to identify and track medical conditions and energy/vitamin levels. Supplements and or dietary suppressants recommended by a legitimate physician to help control cravings. Dietary and fitness action plans and guides tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Most significantly, Medical Weight Loss programs provide ongoing support and guidance that improve weight loss success.

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